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A core belief of the Sam and Mary Lawrence Foundation’s Sea2Earth Fund is that humans and nature are inextricably linked to the vast, complex, and beautiful interconnected web of life. Those who appreciate earth’s beauty and bounty will be the most effective stewards for preserving earth’s limited resources. There is an urgent need to scale up efforts to connect youth and adults to nature in ways that inspire stewardship and may help develop a collective commitment for solving environmental challenges we face today and in the future.


The Sea2Earth Fund seeks to support local organizations and innovative programs that inspire awe and wonder, care and love, and a desire to give back to their local natural environment - whether that be through cultivating college and career choices towards environmental protection, volunteer stewardship, habitat restoration or other community engaged activities. 


Sea2Earth funding can be for operating and/or capital expense. Grant supported programs may be oriented either to the educational component of inspiring and developing future environmental professionals or to more immediate outcomes geared to terrestrial and marine habitat protection and restoration in or near local communities. 


We look forward to working with you to help foster programs that connect people of all ages to nature. 


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