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In past years, the Sam and Mary Lawrence Foundation has supported a number of established organizations dedicated to environmental education and conservation, orienting youth toward environmental careers, developing urban gardens, and supporting our national parks.  Recently it has provided significant funding for two locally based projects, both to support construction of facilities used to advance locally initiated, environmentally oriented programs.

The Environmental Educational and Research Center
at St. Edward State Park

The Environmental Education and Research Center (EERC) is a new, university-led, environmental learning center at St. Edward State Park, located on the northeast shore of Lake Washington near Seattle Washington. Commencing operations in summer of 2023, the Center will host a broadly interdisciplinary and equity centered program integrating environmental education, research, and community engagement with the purpose of advancing public understanding, scientific knowledge, environmental equity and justice, connection with nature, environmental sustainability, and stewardship of Pacific Northwest ecosystems and the larger world.
Learn more about the EERC and its unique partnership.

St Ed's Learning Center.jpg

The Potting Barn at the Charlotte Rhoades Park and Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Education Center, "Polly's Potting Barn" was constructed in  2018.  The creation of the barn was a collaborative effort lead by Board Chair, Anne Judd, the Foundation, and members of many town services who donated materials, time and labor for constructing and siting the welcoming and spacious Potting Barn.  Come inside Polly's Potting Barn to see and learn about the butterfly's life cycle and view exhibits and plant identifiers. The park is frequented by school children attending fieldtrips, volunteers from surrounding communities, and the butterflies that are released there as well as those returning in migration to the garden.  Weekly during the summer months the garden and Barn host an active Junior Naturalist Program and Toddler Story Hour.  The Charlotte Rhoades Park and Butterfly Garden is enjoyed by all ages, open to the public May - Oct.

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