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The Sam and Mary Lawrence Foundation was initiated in 1986 by Sam and Mary (Polly) Lawrence with the vision of contributing to a more just, cohesive and culturally rich society that thrives in an environmentally sustainable world.  The Foundation seeks to do so through education, advocacy and direct support of those most in need.

In 2023, The Foundation established the Sea2Earth Fund to support nonprofit organizations dedicated to connecting youth and adults to nature, creating educational pathways for careers in environmental fields, and sharing an appreciation for preservation of the natural world.  For more information, see Sea2Earth Fund and Grant Application Process

Management: The Foundation is currently administered by its founder, Samuel A. Lawrence, now retired from a career in public and university administration, and his three children:  Susan L. Carlson, an environmental activist living in Kirkland, WA, Samuel A. Lawrence Jr. a landscape architect and site designer living in New York City, and Mary L. Caulfield, a math educator and sustainability advocate in her Durham, NH community. 


Assets:  The Foundation currently holds assets of approximately $1 million.  It's tax ID number is 52-1498472

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